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We help brands and businesses navigate
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Growthmaze is a Houston born, internet bred full-service digital marketing agency and your partner in your sustainable growth strategy.
Partner with us to navigate the digital maze and grow your business.

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"My products
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proofed, but
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converting to


The GrowthMaze Method

Strategy is not an afterthought

Beginning with the end in sight
Phase 1

We conduct an interactive discussion where we probe answers to understand your main challenge and develop a cohesive brand identity. Your values, positioning, customer profile, products and services, channel analysis marketing strategy.

Strategy is not an afterthought

Weaving logic with creativity
Phase 2

We begin the implementation of strategy and creation of assets. We develop your brand identity: customer personas, logo and design, website development, content strategy, marketing campaigns, and brand activation.

Strategy is not an afterthought

Rinse, repeat
Phase 3

We employ a specific suite of marketing technology that is curated to serve your business goals. It enables and automates a higher level of searchability through your different funnels, SEO, and paid advertising. We create and execute your digital marketing enhanced by content strategy, lead generation, social media management, and report on growth using advanced analytics.

Our Work

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