A note from our Founder

Why I started GrowthMaze 

I started GrowthMaze because of my passion for helping others. Early on in my business career, I learned that success requires helping others succeed. I had an urge to learn more about entrepreneurship and how new companies come to life.

So, I jumped.

I quickly learned that what others would commonly define as failure, I would find to be the most helpful experiences of all.  

My vision for GrowthMaze is simple: to build the next generation of innovators, marketers, and technologists. 

GrowthMaze goes far, not fast, with others. I hope you find what you’re seeking.

Full speed ahead, 
Jasdeep Mann
Founder of GrowthMaze

What we do

Growthmaze is a Houston born, internet bred full-service digital marketing agency and your partner in your sustainable growth strategy.

Our core values

Our Core Values



Business growth is our North star. We are committed to our clients, innovation and serving the market with innovation. We don’t make our clients, or play guessing games. We win when our clients win.



We dare to go to places we’ve never been. We’re willing to take the risk and reap the rewards along the way. Growth is infused into our mindset and we practice this with everything we do. This allows us to look at everything with a blank slate, and be relentless in understanding and solving problems.



Finish the job like everyone is watching. We do not settle for mediocrity. Seeing a marketing campaign and strategy come to fruition gives us a warm fuzzy feeling. We believe that if we’re not in tune within, neither is our work.



We tinker. We build. We draw. We dream up new ideas into the world. What we do makes us get out of bed every morning, and crafting solutions keeps us up at night. We truly love what we do- and we channel our energy into our work, workspace and relationship.

They said it, not us

We know that our clients and partners are the backbone of what we do everyday. Our community is our family.

The promptness of their delivery and their work ethic are both remarkable.
-GP Hyare
ReMedi Health Solutions
Jasdeep and his team at GrowthMaze are my go-to for strategy and digital marketing.
-Rich Winley
Gnomad Network
Hire my brother. He will never let you down.

-Kinu Mann
Crown Castle