5 Ways to Grow your Business in the Middle of a Pandemic

June 25, 2021

We’re deep into the global pandemic and most countries like ours are still trying to fashion a flatter curve. Whether we’re interrupted by a second or third wave- the influence of COVID-19 is felt by everyone- including digital markets.

The internet has been a haven for small businesses and offline stores. It’s opened up opportunities for markets that require a minimum of 6 feet between people and players, people are able to deliver services over platforms like Zoom, and brick and mortar stores are trying to up the ante with their digital stores and customer service. 

We look into how digital marketing has evolved and adjusted to a ten-fold increase in screen time, and we considered what it means for businesses trying to make ends meet in these strange times.

1. Interactive content 

With people spending more time online, capturing your audience’s attention becomes that much harder. Cute cat videos and memes are barely cutting it, and even if it’s very cute- it doesn’t really demand any engagement. 360 degree videos, AR, and 3d images offer a more immersive experience that interrupts the humdrum of mindless scrolling. 

Social media stories are another place to interact with your audience. Using surveys, polls and Q and A’s can be a fun way to create meaningful interaction while serving as an opportunity to conduct research and get your answers straight from the horse’s mouth. You could find out what type of products they are really looking for? What kind of content makes them feel better? Is what you’re doing working?

2. Embrace the "Phygital" world

While QR codes are barely a new technology, their use is becoming increasingly relevant and popular in these times. Crafting unique digital experiences that pique your customer’s curiosity becomes easier with a QR code. 

There are multiple ways to use them, one could be to offer more exclusive feeling content to your most loved customers. They can also transport your user from one medium to another pretty seamlessly.

3. Mobile optimization

While this was important before the coronavirus, people are not spending more time on their phones. While it may seem bizarre, people tend to take breaks from looking at their desktops for work and doing more leisurely scrolling on their phones. No, it’s not a screen break, but it happens. For many, our phones serve as a means of relaxation, relief from boredom and a habit that’s hard to break. So, if you want to create an experience worth remembering, it’s important to optimize it for a smaller screen. Chances are your customers will discover you while they use their phones not desktops. So, making it special for a screen that is roughly 1080 x 1920 pixels is only sensible.

4. Paid ads 

Paid ads have incidentally become cheaper. Here’s why; ad networks generate revenue through ad auction systems. These networks require the participation of small businesses to drive the cost per click up so they can profit off of billion dollar businesses who spend more money on ads. 

With more businesses spending less money on paid ads, like in times of a pandemic and financial crisis- the lack of competition for ad space drives the price down.

While the conversion rate has not increased as much as the CPC, one could expect a 10% increase in ROI.

5. Develop teachable programs, webinars and webcasts 

There are more people in the market for a handy skill- and the line only doubles when it’s free. Increase your web traffic by hosting webcasts, webinars, podcasts and keep the momentum and collaboration going. 

There are ways to be minimal and still reach more people. As we spend more time on the web, trends come and go faster, and it serves as an ideal petri dish for social media and content strategies. So, go ahead and shoot that podcast you have been seeing on multiple channels, or if you know you can help people out through creating educational content- offer it on your website. The idea is to create experiences where people can come together, up skill, grow and collaborate.

In case you prefer bite sized information…

-Create interactive content; think pinchable pictures, immersive videos, imitate reality well

-Embrace QR codes

-Create better experiences for mobile 

-Create spaces for interaction

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